Anya Simmons

United Kingdom

Anya Simmons is a Ugandan born artist who moved to Kenya when she was 3. Her family then moved to the UK when she was 14. Anya states that growing up in Africa had a profound impact on her artistic practice and the diversity of her work and where many of her creative ideas have emerged. Anya comments. "My works are profoundly influenced by beautiful landscapes across Britain (i.e. Scottish Highlands, Cornwall, Kent and the Midlands). I mainly work with gesso, acrylic and acrylic inks. However, my interest in more traditional techniques such as watercolour and oils are still very important to me. Often, I will imagine a scene and decide how I want certain colours to flow together to create a particular atmosphere. I get enormous pleasure from examining the form, colours, light and textures within our diverse landscape and am continually striving to capture this. I will often take pictures of rolling fields, flowers, cliffs, mountains, headlands, buildings (i.e. cottages, beach huts, castles etc), seascapes and the ever-changing sky and take inspiration from the magical beauty of the natural world around us."  

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