Antonio Mora

United Kingdom

Antonio Mora fuses standard portraits with landscape, animal, and abstract photography, resulting in extraordinary combinations. In his extensive collection of portraits, dream worlds are often superimposed with reality, creating hybrid beings of great beauty and expressive force. Each image holds its own unique and complementary union of visual elements. The Spanish photographer mastered the techniques of digital collage, using various tools such as filters, hues, saturations and gradients of opacity. A creative art director since 1995, Mora gradually gravitated towards the more artistic realm of his profession. He studied psychology and philology and later completed his training with a Master of Art in Graphic Design. Mora’s keen eye finds a likeness in unlikely pairs, turning the limbs of a tree into an extension of a person’s face or the profile of a woman into a tidal wave. Caught somewhere between two thoughts, the images represent a sort of transitioning or in-between phase of consciousness.

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Artwork by Antonio Mora