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Anne Storno



Anne Storno is a printmaker and mixed media artist based in London.

Anne uses photography, drawing, paint and collage to explore the world around her and create limited edition screen prints. She has an extensive archive of printed material, consisting of contemporary magazines, newspapers, books, posters and images from other sources, including the Web.

Anne likes to combine images, remove them from their original narrative context and reconfigure them to create a new scenario.The idea is to dust the traditional portrait or landscape by mixing art, photo, colours and shapes, together with the subject’s personal stories. She immortalises the subject and their world in an original way, creating a personal and magical decor.

Anne adopts a playful approach in her practice, often appropriating visual themes and incorporating these as printed motifs. She continues to experiment with different techniques, combining papercutting, collage, painting and screen printing. She takes inspiration from her surroundings particularly the colours, lines, shapes and patterns that can be found in·cities, design and fashion. Her visual language embraces the brightness of Pop art.

Originally from Switzerland, Anne studied history of art and trained in mixed media at Central Saint Martin, after having curated and organised art exhibitions for 15 years. She has just started exhibiting her work with great success.

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