Anne Siems

United Kingdom

Anne Siems is a German-born artist who is now based in the United States. Her first extended stay in the US was as an exchange student. After finishing her MFA in Berlin, she moved to Seattle. Since moving to the US Anne’s work has moved from semi-abstract, room-filling plant and insect drawings, to paintings of detailed botanical and anatomical imagery on waxed paper bags, to her current work of young women and children on wood panel. "The thread here is my fascination and awe of life on this planet and the connectedness I feel to all, but find hard to describe in words." Anne’s artistic practice is deeply personal, within the process of her work Anne hopes to find healing for her Chronic pain and fatigue. This has given her an interest in shamanism, ceremony and the deep nurturing that nature provides. Anne has exhibited her work widely throughout the US and Europe. During the beginning of her career, Anne won OCAC 90th Anniversary, Residency, Portland, OR 1997 and the Neddy Award Nominee, Seattle, WA 1996.

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Artwork by Anne Siems