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Anne Gournay



After having practised art in parallel with an accomplished marketing career, Anne Gournay decided to fully dedicate herself to her art in 2003. She retrained and specialised in painting at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris-Glacière, and was selected for a painting exhibition in New York (2007).

When she discovered printmaking eight years ago at the Central Saint Martin School in London, she decided to refocus her work on various forms of printmaking, exploring their possibilities.

Through solitary landscapes and close-up portraits, Anne Gournay explores the issues of intimacy, loneliness, in a modern world where people are very often disconnected with their real selves. In our modern age, and contrary to what happens in primitive societies, people have distanced themselves from nature and their own nature. Saturated with communication, bombarded with constant stimulation, we lose touch with whop we really are. By picturing nature (often isolated from an overcrowded urban environment), Anne Gournay aims at reconnecting us with our inner selves, giving us time and space to recollect ourselves, and think… a space to meditate.

Anne Gournay finds inspiration in her passion for charcoal drawing, and photography. She tries to recreate the atmospheric images one could associate with these media, creating an artwork overflowing with contrast. Her screen prints are more graphic and conceptual. Enthusiastic about new techniques, she uses various forms of printmaking, from relief to screen-print, including photopolymer and traditional etchings, sometimes combining them. She uses her camera as a sketchbook, and has started using photography as a medium as well.

She lives and works in North-West London. Since November 2013, she is represented by Byard Art, in Cambridge. In 2016, she set up ContemporArti, an artist-run gallery with a strong focus on Limited Edition. Her work is in private collections worldwide, and is part of the V&A collection fund, and the Scarborough museum collection.


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