Anna Dennis

United Kingdom

Anna Dennis was born in London, in 1977. She first attended The Byam Shaw School of Art Foundation Course in 1998 studying Fine Art painting. Anna moved to Italy in 2000 to study 3 years of traditional painting techniques in the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence. She now lives with her family and children in the Ligurian countryside, near to the Cinque Terre. Anna continues to paint, working primarily in oil. She specialises in traditional techniques such as preparing her own materials the traditional way and follows painting techniques used by the Great Masters, while being inspired by 19th and 20th century landscape painters. Her studio is based where she lives, surrounded by various animals, home grown vegetables and the striking diversity of the Ligurian countryside. She has regular painting trips to the sea, soaking up its sun and beautiful coastlines. She is most inspired when she is surrounded by nature. Anna tries to capture the freshness and energy of the landscape, bringing to you the true feeling of a place. She comments "I paint direct from life because for me it is the most satisfying way to capture the light and the spirit of a painting. I feel so lucky to be able to paint the great variety of the Ligurian landscape and being part of the Italian culture.” Her paintings have been exhibited both in England and in Italy. 

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Artwork by Anna Dennis