Anna Aström


Realist Contemporary
Realist Contemporary

"There are two things in life that, since always, give me a very special energy – zest for life – those are Nature and Create"

Tiny art painter / silversmith / poet – born in Sweden, living in Spain Painting watercolour miniatures loyal to the traditional technique with the paper as the only white and the water as the only light – all with brush. Exposing art since 1986 (Spain, Sweden and Italy) Living and working in Spain since 1993 The small details make life big "Since always I pay special attention to the small details; a smile, a word, a breeze, an image, a tone, a light, a shadow… All big parts from small. Now, since many years, I’m living and working in Spain. I have a workshop for handmade jewellery and, shaded by old oak trees, I try to see and save those details – small images that inspire me and that always have something to do with the nature that gives me balance and harmony.”

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