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Anke Buchmann



Anke Buchmann obtained her BA in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins, London in 2018.

As a ceramicist Anke is hugely influenced by her medium and the material of clay. She enjoys exploring it, its weight, temperature and behaviour; responding to its varied states- wet, liquid, dry, brittle, hard- and understanding not only these qualities but also the varying skills and techniques which are needed to manipulate them. As an Artist Anke hopes to reconnect her audience with their minds, souls and bodies; creating experiences that activate intuition and recall what makes us human.

Anke presents two quite different bodies of work with MiAL. The first, Come Again? is a partially autobiographical exploration of the side-effects of forced handedness, the culture of forcing left-handed people to write with their right hand, which was popular in former East Germany. The series translates the emotional experience of forced-handedness through five gestures each recalling a body memory- discomfort, constriction, frustration, disconnection and exhaustion. Using method acting techniques Anke relived her own experiences of being a forced right-hander through the process of making, applying each gesture to a recognisable form, a cube, so that it embodied the body-memory. The objects become a result of a moment of creation through. Anke's Riachi Collection show another side to her skills as a ceramicist, although they also continue to show her finesse as a sculptor. The series of vases were created in response to the Riachi Studio Collection 01, originally inspired by the Chinese Miao Tribe in South China and related to contemporary Scottish patterns. Looking at the fashion houses designs, Anke went past the layers, patterns and lines which adorned the models and saw geometric forms and ceramic objects. Referencing both the Riachi collection and the traditional garments of the Miao Tribe, the resulting vases reflect the influence the garments have on the posture of the model and the vibrancy they create.

Her awards and residencies include: UAL Mentorship: Steph Buttle 2018, MiAL & Metro Imaging Mentorship 2018 (Shortlisted), Good Design Awards 2017 for ‘Punk’ in collaboration with Nachtmann 2017 (Winner), MEAD scholarship 2017 (shortlisted), NextGen Design Competition, presented by Nachtmann & CSM 2016 (Winner), Domain de Boisbuchet, Design & Architecture Workshops, France 2015 (Fellow)

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