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Andrew Millar



Andrew Millar, is an artist and photographer living in Whitechapel, East London who is emerging onto the contemporary art scene, with these delicate gold leaf polaroid pieces of art.This amazing collection of work uses a combination of instant film, gold & silver leaf and paint.

This creates delicately detailed collage pieces that capture a haunting mix of reality and fantasy.With vintage Polaroid SX-70, Andrew Millar explores manual manipulation techniques using analogue instant film. The gold leaf polaroid collection has become very significant to the art scene.Andrew uses instant film to achieve effects by manipulating the emulsion during the development processes.The process evolves by firstly, separating the image emulsion from the film base. Followed by a double exposure of the film and overlaying the transparencies.Sometimes varying the temperature and the developing time enhances the films surreal mood.

Andrew Millar has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and New York.

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