Andrew Millar

United Kingdom

Andrew Millar’s practice involves experimenting with the possibilities of Polaroid analogue instant film. Using a combination of found vintage imagery, Polaroid film, gold and silver leaf, and paint, he creates delicately detailed collage pieces. His works usually depict women enshrouded by natural materials, including plants, flowers and feathers, as if they have been captured in a magical moment of metamorphosis. These surreal images capture a haunting mix of fantasy and reality, and are a celebration of female strength and individuality.By manipulating the development process which may include overlaying transparencies, double exposing the film or varying the temperature and developing time, Andrew enhances the dreamlike mood of the image. The finished pieces may be one singular Polaroid, or a composite made up of multiple Polaroid images. To introduce scale to his work, Andrew often transforms the manipulated Polaroids into large-scale hand finished screen prints.“I’m obsessed with Instant film as a medium because it constantly delivers different results and there are many manual manipulation techniques that can be applied, so it never gets dull.”

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Artwork by Andrew Millar