Andrea Kirby

United Kingdom

Abstract Classic Documentary Surrealist Contemporary
Abstract Classic Documentary Surrealist Contemporary

Originally from Lancashire, Artist Andrea Kirby now has firm roots in Wiltshire where she works from her home studio. Living on the borders of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire too, this is where she steals her inspiration for her subtle yet colourful loose landscapes, particularly along the Ridgeway where she lives. Clumps of trees often line the route and these deep rooted shapes form the basis in several of her observational paintings. Andrea approaches each piece with exploration and excitement, building up the paint so it mirrors the layers of the landscape. Often recognised for her love of pastel colours and pink skies, she also has a passion for abstraction and looseness with free expressive brushstrokes and would rather paint from memory so she doesn’t lose the spontaneity of these marks and movement of paint against the surface. The importance of colour is key, adding representation and an open invitation to each piece, “There’s nothing I love more than a daring colour clash to give it direction and add that mix of strong and calm. By throwing in that one unexpected tone, it sets the mind alight with intrigue and wonder and I love to create that feeling through paint

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