Anastasia Gklava

United Kingdom

Anastasia Gklava was born 1966, Greece. She is a figurative artist largely working in oil on canvas and wood, with gold leaf and various other materials. Gklava studied under the academician Manuela Armada, at Fine Art Academy in Madrid. In 2014-2016 she was selected to represent and exhibit Greek landscapes at the Eleftherios Venizelos National Airport of Athens. What intrigues her most, and is the central theme of Gklava’s work, is nature and in particular trees. Capturing what she calls "the secret life of trees", her brightly coloured subjects are surrounded by gold, which gives a dramatic and pristine effect. Traditionally used in Byzantine art, gold conveys a sacred, warm and divine feeling. Her simple and straight forward compositions draw our attention to the miracle of nature and it’s elegance. Gklava paints her iconic trees in olive groves and orchards near her summer house in Asproneri, Greece. She resists the temptation of photographs and loves painting mostly outside, on location where the colours are more accurate and true, transferring this beauty to the viewer.

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Artwork by Anastasia Gklava