Amy Olds

United Kingdom

American by birth, Amy Olds has been living and working in Britain since 1988. She gained her Masters in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. She has exhibited her work, both as a solo artist and in group shows, widely throughout the UK, as well as undertaking commissions here and abroad. Having always been inspired by landscape, Amy’s work sets out to capture sensations through the use of colour relationships, space and movement— the activity of painting being the subject of each work. By combining quick, accidental splashes with slower, more considered compositional choices, the pieces achieve a push-pull relationship. Initially working with the canvas on the floor, paint is poured, squeegeed, and allowed to pool and disperse. Once she is happy with the composition at this more accidental stage, the painting is left to dry. The second phase is a slower, more contemplative stage, where decisions are made regarding colour relationships and compositional balance, painting the ‘background’ in around the earlier splashes of paint. These two distinct ‘paces’ combine to create paintings that are energetic and calm at the same time.

Galleries Showing Amy Olds’s Work

Artwork by Amy Olds