Amy Cushing

United Kingdom

Amy Cushing is a London based artist specialising in kiln formed glass. She is renowned for her vivid colours achieved by fusing glass and iridescent coatings. Her multifaceted three-dimensional works embrace diverse materials and surface textures, which she combines with carefully considered colours to punctuate her abstract geometric compositions. Amy has always been fascinated by geometry and repetition, but her primary motivation is colour and the language it conveys. The technical and aesthetic compatibility of glass colour is a complex art, and she has experimented extensively with glass firings for over 25 years to build a comprehensive portfolio of fusing techniques. Since childhood Amy has observed and documented Californian landscapes, absorbing the shimmering light and vibrant hues and committing it to her strong visual memory. Through her colour palettes Amy imbues the energy of these places into her works, creating areas of light and shade that play across the assorted textured surfaces. Abstract painters such as Richard Diebenkorn and Helen Lunderburg, who worked in California in the mid-20th century capturing the ambience of their surroundings, have been of particular influence to her work. “I thrive on colour but it's not necessarily a singular colour that drives me, more the sequence of multiple colours; how they react, respond and contrast creating infinite combinations.”

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