Amanda Arrou-Tea

United Kingdom

Amanda Arrou-Tea is originally from San Sebastián, Spain. She studied Fine Arts at the Basque Country University, specialising in audio-visual arts. In the same city, she obtained a diploma in Museography, Museology and Artistic Legislation. Her artwork focuses on realistic-style paintings of underwater and nature scenes. With a long-held passion for painting and a preference for acrylic paint, she composes rich, realistic pieces with important colourful touches and stunning light. Arrou-Tea’s underwater worlds feature majestic mermaids who represent spiritual beings. "You can find the beauty of mermaids in every woman.” Arrou-Tea worked as the assistant director of the Altxerri contemporary art gallery. She moved to Berlin in 2016, where she currently lives, and works on several artistic projects. She has exhibited her work in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Portugal and France.