Alvaro Petritoli

United Kingdom

The pleasure of drawing, flashes of enlightenments and half forgotten memories find a meeting point in these images often organised in series. Viewers are invited to envisage their own path through this elusive network of symbolic images. They spontaneously surface from my subconscious but they are also carefully planned in their execution. Each piece emerges from a continuous process of layering, erasure and reprocessing. The aim has been to evoke something atmospheric and symbolic in nature. Just as life is a continuous process of enquiry and revelation, each piece attempts to transmit this into a corporeal form. Colours and marks are often bleached off to represent a void where microcosms turn into macrocosms and vice versa. To create this network of miniatures and images , I employ a variety of approaches including paper laminating, alternative photographic processes, wax treatment alongside acrylics, oils and watercolour. The forests: The Forest as a symbolic portal into the unconscious was the conceptual starting point for these ink pictures. Rather than depicting specific places, I am representing “innerscapes” – visually expressing my moods and emotional states. I use large sheets of paper with frayed edges, deliberately cut roughly to symbolise the unfiltered and often unresolved character of those emotions. As the main medium, I use ink in combination with tea, gelatin, salt, iron powder and paper pulp allowing me a fluid painting approach where unexpected outcomes and even accidents are very much part of the creative process. These unorthodox painting additives are also crucial to enhance the murky and gritty quality of the surfaces I paint on. Some of the turquoise /blue inks might change tone over time. This is intended to respond to the organic and atmospheric nature of these pictures.

Artwork by Alvaro Petritoli