Alexander James

United Kingdom

Alexander James is a British artist who often works with water, emerging his subjects into huge tanks. This enables him to highlight and capture details in his subjects usually overlooked by normal photography. Alexander has always pushed the boundaries of photography by emerging himself in the context that he wishes to photograph. He went to Siberia, Russia, for an entire year the time to complete a project exploring the reaction between water and crude oil and their importance to humans for their lives where these two liquids meet basic human needs and human industrial needs. In London, James spent more than five years breeding bright blue butterflies in his studio for various series including Transparency of a Dream. “It’s a monastically engaging process. I was breeding from one generation to the next, kind of the holy grail of entomology,” he describes. “I just don’t see any purpose in anything I don’t have an emotional connection to. So these are my kids, flying around the studio. It sounds very elegant but when you wake up with enough bug s*** on your pillow you’ll soon change your mind.” - Extract from an interview for Luxury London

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Artwork by Alexander James