Alex Uxbridge

United Kingdom

Alex Uxbridge was born in 1950 in North Wales from an aristocratic family. He obtained a BA in Politics Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and a PhD in International Relations at Sussex University. Later on, in 1989-93, he also pursued an Art diploma. Alex’s artwork mostly represents landscapes and botanical scenes. The artist is influenced by his childhood memories as well as drawing from poetry, in particular T.S. Eliot. He also produced a series of illustrations inspired by Bob Dylan’s songs and contemporary London. About his artistic process, Alex states that “Painting is a process of illusion – the illusion that paint is a real image, a beautiful image, but ultimately it is still paint. I want to see that”. Since the 1990s, Alex has shown his paintings in various solo exhibitions around London and the UK.

Galleries Showing Alex Uxbridge’s Work

Artwork by Alex Uxbridge