Alex Bertaina

Alex Bertaina is a self-taught artist from Turin. From a young age, Alex always had a great affinity for art. He says: ‘Since I was a child drawing has been to be a prime channel of expression. This desire to work in pristine landscapes, unspoiled by man has been with me since my childhood. I tried to create my own world in the jumble of scribbles made by my classmates." Although mainly self-taught, Alex trained under well respected Italian artists Marco lattes and then Pierpaolo Giraudo who guided him technically, whilst he has always had his own unique style. Alex's paintings employ vertical or horizontal cuts and superimposing interplays, dismantled and dense images that look like rainbow geometries full of light and colour. They are full of vibrancy and brilliance, with a “Composition that mingles perspective planes in an almost futurist simultaneity but without movement and fury. In their place, the quiet of memory” writes Elizabeth Planca. Alex now lives and works in Cuneo in North-West Italy. Rather than simply replicate the landscape before him, he seeks to demonstrate purity and a feeling of a land enveloped in a warm and embracing glow, salving the tensions of modern life where nothing stands still. He says, "Painting is for me this dreamed landscape."

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