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Alemeh Bagherian



Alemeh Bagherian was born in 1984 in Qaem Shahr, Iran. In the early 2000s, she achieved a BA in Traditional Persian Carpet Design and a MA in Painting.

Born and raised in Iran, the artist states that Iranian women are the central inspiration of her artworks; through art, she aims to gift them of the voice and representation that they are hardly ever given. In her artworks, Alemeh juxtaposes images of sensual female figures with traditional Persian motifs, inspired by Persian designs, miniatures, and ancient poems (Shahnameh). Alemeh states her willingness to “express the inner freedom of humanity and the mysteriousness of womanhood”; her paintings show the bravery and determination of women that has persisted throughout history. She hopes that the outcome of her artistic production “will trigger something in the viewers’ mind and feelings”.

Alemeh currently lives and works in Tehran and is a member of the Society of Iranian Painters and the Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art. Since 2011, Alemeh has been featured in several group exhibitions, international fairs and auctions. She was also featured in solo exhibitions at Seyhoun Art Gallery in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

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