Alanna Eakin

United Kingdom


Alanna Eakin obtained her BFA (Painting) from Central Saint Martin’s, London in 2010. Since graduating she has gone on to take part in several exhibitions, live events and art fairs in London and nationwide. Alanna is currently working and living in London working from her studio in Wimbledon. Alanna creates gestural abstract paintings inspired by the sensations, forms, light and colours found in nature. She has an obsession with colour, rural landscapes from around the world and florals found in both nature and on fabrics. It the combination of these elements she wishes to translate onto the canvas. Alanna's work has an initial immediacy when she creates. She uses a mixture of mediums to layer, edit and experiment. Bold colours to wash the canvas building up several layers and balancing the notions around the canvas. Later there becomes a playoff of spontaneity and controlled abstract mark-making. Alanna's paintings result in a non-representational personal response to the sensations she has seen in her original material.

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Artwork by Alanna Eakin