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Alain Magallon



Magallon is a versatile artist, he uses a range of techniques to create his unique style calling upon different areas of art history and bringing them into a graphic modern world. His artwork is a mixture of abstract and figurative, the figures in his pieces usually forming a smooth twist of limbs and faces to create the abstract final product. Painting is an opening to an emotion and Art appeals to the artist when it is colourful, narrative, emotional, fun, dramatic, curious and decorative.

Magallon’s paintings are a clash of saccharine pop art and religious idol depictions. The subjects, painted in oil, are inspired by religious paintings of the past whose anachronistic and metaphorical symbols contrast with the graphic backgrounds, painted in acrylic. They are often represented in static, devoted or illuminated poses which tend to question our faith and reverence when placed within the contemporary art setting. The goal is to produce a duality or imbalance between the neoclassical frozen or theatrical pose of the models and the association of the matter and the colours.

The artist sees the subjects in his paintings as having their own microcosm of belief, the characters have a fascination with their own image and this means they duplicate or multiply themselves like Russian dolls. Magallon tries to picture a society where the absence of mysticism is replaced by narcissistic tendencies.

The artist uses both oils and acrylics to give a feeling of depth to his images and works from photos and drawings, sometimes with the insertion of characters and objects from classical paintings. These sampled images are modified and painted in a different, anachronistic and metaphorical context from which they were first used. His intention is to manipulate images from their context without diminishing their strength or emotional power.

Alain Magallon was born in Paris in 1962 and attended Cours Bessil (Art school) Montpellier and Beaux arts Montpellier.

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