Agent X

United States

Figurative Pop Art Conceptual Contemporary
Figurative Pop Art Conceptual Contemporary

Agent X studied and trained as an artist in the Art Institute of Vancover. While his work draws from formal training, his mash-up multimedia style is primarily self-developed. Agent X often combines the ephemera of the past with the glossy world of contemporary magazines and newspapers, adding paint and other mixed media to create images that cleverly critique humanity’s current obsessions. Agent X, creates experimental, multimedia collages, paintings, and 2D artwork. ’ Agent X juxtaposes pop culture, technology, fashion, and music in visually complex amalgamations expressing the anxieties of the global, post-modern world and the dark side of consumerist, media-obsessed culture. His work occupies a unique intersection between the aesthetics and philosophy of Futurism, the social critique of the Dada movement, and contemporary artistic movements ranging from Pop Art to Superflat. Agent X’s career was kick-started by being nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2011 New York Art Marathon, with multiple international honours that rapidly followed including winning Top Entry in the competitive Curious Art-Pie Show at Curious Duke Gallery, London. He was also named among ‘12 Artists to invest in now’ by New Blood Art Gallery, London. Agent X has exhibited around the world including solo and group shows in London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Germany, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Spain and Toronto.

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