Adwin Yau Wai Hoi

Hong Kong

Figurative Impressionist Realist Contemporary
Figurative Impressionist Realist Contemporary

Yau Wai Hoi (Adwin Yau) has a style that is mainly narrative, featuring stories and his delicate emotional expression. Oil and watercolour are his main creative media. His works have participated in many local and overseas exhibitions, and are collected by institutions and private collectors. Adwin is currently a member of the Hong Kong Artists Society, a co-representative of the International Watercolour Society Hong Kong (IWSHK), a member of the Hong Kong Exlibris Association, and a member of Mondial Academia Art (France). In 2012, Adwin joined the art arena, studying Lingnan ink painting and Western painting. He later participated in different art competitions and obtained encouraging results.

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Artwork by Adwin Yau Wai Hoi