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Aaliyah Navras



Aaliyah Navras was born in Krasnik, Poland and studied at the University of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, graduating in Graphic Arts in 2014.

Aaliyah was invited to undertake an Artist In Residence program at Intercambiador Acart, Madrid, Spain in 2015. She has also undertaken residencies at Tao Hua Tan: 1st International Artist Retreat and Residency, China and The Can (Collective Art Neighbourhood), Bucharest, Romania.

Selected solo shows include: 'Deframestration', Polikultura Festival, Studio Lumia, Cracow, Poland (performance), Commissioned mural for Art and Culture Centre, Godziszow, Poland, 'Deframestration', Theather Variete, Cracow, Poland (performance), Collectors, Espacio Trapezio, Madrid, Spain (curated by Juan Garcia or 'Tutupecanape'), 'Dreams and Magic vol.2', Theather Klepisko, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, 'Time and Numbers', Make a Point Gallery, Bucharest, Romania and 'Dreams and Magic', Quentin, Cracow, Poland.

Selected group shows include 'Europe under the Castle', Festival, Slovakia, 'Desa', Cracow, Poland, 'New Art Gallery, Palace under the Rams', Cracow, Poland, 'Adios', Atelier Solar, Madrid, Spain, 'Encuentro de Artistas', Intercambiador ACATR, Madrid, Spain, 'Anual Folklore Festival', Zdzilowice, Poland, 'Młoda Sztuka na Starym Mieście', New Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland, 'Rynek Sztuki Młodych', Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Cracow, Poland, 'Movie Poster exhibition', Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Poland, Department of Graphic Arts, group exhibition, ASP, Cracow, Poland.

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