To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re unveiling a special video gallery that offers a glimpse into our remarkable history, vibrant present and the limitless possibilities ahead. Through the lens of these 25 videos, you can witness the evolution of Affordable Art Fair, guided by our Founder Will’s vision.


Our Founder and CEO, Will Ramsay, reflects on 25 years of the Affordable Art Fair.

What inspired Will Ramsay to create the Affordable Art Fair?
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Will reflects on his mission to democratise the art world!
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Will looks back at his memories of the first Affordable Art Fair.
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Will tells us why each Affordable Art Fair is unique.
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Connecting art with art-lovers is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Fair Directors share why they’re passionate about making art accessible.
Hear our Fair Directors explain why we should all collect art.
Top tips on how to know when you’ve found ‘the one’ for your walls.
With fairs across 10 cities, our Fair Directors share what collectors buy locally.
Our Fair Directors talk about the importance of variety and supporting emerging artists.

25 years: Our galleries share their favourite memories of the Affordable Art Fair.

Gallerists from around the world share their favourite Affordable Art Fair moment.
Our galleries reflect on how the art world has changed over 25 years.
Our family of galleries share why they keep coming back!
We asked our galleries, what is the best thing about Affordable Art Fair?

From artists stories, to first-time buyers and experienced collectors, see Affordable Art Fair from a new perspective.

A journey from Affordable Art Fair to Venice, meet British artist Josh Gluckstein.
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Lavender Chang, Singapore Young Talent Programme participant 2012/23, shares her story.
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Our visitors pin down exactly why they love the Affordable Art Fair.
Our visitors reveal the names of new artists they’ve discovered.
Thoughts on collecting art? Hear it from our valued visitors.
We ask our collectors about their favourite artworks.
Sum-up the Affordable Art Fair in three words!

With 25 years democratising the art world, we’ve got a lot to be proud of!

Look at all we’ve achieved! Affordable Art Fair celebrates 25 years.
Art is caring – we’re proud to support charities and the careers of emerging artists.
1000s of visitors have had so much fun learning about art at one of our fairs.
25 years and counting: celebrating all the fun of the fair!
Let’s party like its 1999! Throwback to the very first Affordable Art Fair.
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