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At the Affordable Art Fair NYC, the best way to engage and learn is to join one of our fun and informal talks or tours. With a full schedule of events, you can educate yourself on everything from beginning and maintaining a collection to learning exclusive insider information on the contemporary art market. Discover our wonderful spring 2016 programme below!


The Unusual & Unexpected Tour by Susan Mumford
Art lovers could join Art World Expert and Founder of The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), Susan Mumford as she demystified art collecting and led a private tour, before the fair opened to the public. A fantastic opportunity to discover unique, original works of art ranging from $100 to $10,000 and top-notch advice from a marketplace insider.

Collect Yourself Tours
This spring, we introduced Collect Yourself Tours in conjunction with our 2016 campaign. Each day of the fair an Affordable Art Fair NYC team member played host to a tour on an artistic topic or theme that they found personally engaging. 

Collect Yourself: Emerging Female Voices with Vanessa
Thursday, March 31 | 11:30am
Fair Manager, Vanessa Seis, discovered the emerging women artists of the Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring Edition.

Collect Yourself: Finds under $500 with Cristina
Thursday, March 31 | 5:00pm
Director, Cristina Salmastrelli, took a stroll through the fair to reveal her favorite pieces under $500.

Collect Yourself: Through the Looking Glass with Elizabeth
Friday, April 1 | 1:00pm
Marketing and Communications Associate, Elizabeth Boyle explored a survey of photography; discovering the subjects and places that are portrayed through the lens.

Collect Yourself: I Love New York! with Caitlin
Sunday, April 3 | 1:00pm
Sponsorship Manager, Caitlin Britton explored the beauty of our bustling metropolis from artists born and raised in NYC to breathtaking reproductions of the cityscape we all adore.

TALKS aka Sofa Sessions
All talks will took place in the Programming Lounge located on on Pink Level (Second Floor). Each session lastest approximately 30 minutes.

A salon-style discussion that was first introduced at Affordable Art Fair UK, Sofa Sessions are informal talks where, YOU, lead the conversation and learn from experts in their field. Each day we present a topic featuring someone from the art world who were onsite to engage in intimate, rich conversations with you.

How to Invest in Art
Thursday, March 31 | 1:30-2:30pm
Visitors had the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading experts on contemporary art, Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP of Art Advisory at Saatchi Art (Los Angeles, CA – Booth 1.49).

Rebecca shared her expertise and answered questions about how to start investing in art, making the most of your art budget and, what marketplace signs to look out for when seeking an artist ’on the rise.’

Artists and their Relationship with Collectors
Friday, April 1 | 11:30am-12:30pm
Sugarlift (Brooklyn, NY – Booth 1.2) joined us for a panel discussion on the sustainable relationship between artists and collectors, and how artists are cultivating new audiences that will enable them to continue creating new art.

The discussion featured collage artist Lizzie Gill, artist Guno Park, and print-maker Erik Hougen. Sugarlift co-founder Wright Harvey moderated and audience members had the opportunity to ask whatever questions they might have.

How To Hang Art: Innovative Ways to Add Style & Texture to Your Space
Saturday, April 2 | 2:00-3:00pm
Jessica Romm, Domino Editorial Director and Elaina Sullivan, Domino Market Editor chatted with visitors about how art can instantly transform a space. Jessica and Elaina also addressed different types of art work and how to incorporate them into your space, as well as FIVE unexpected ways to decorate a blank wall. Engaging with our top style experts was the prefect place to learn unexpected new ways to display your art collection and acquire pieces that reflects your personal style.

Want to Commission an Artwork? Learn how to here!
Saturday, April 2 | 5:00-6:00pm
Affordable Art Fair NYC believes that collecting art to design ones home should be an expression of the personality. To further emphasize this spring’s Art. Collect Yourself campaign, we partnered with CoCo Gallery, to educate our visitors on how to collaborate with an artist and commission a work that is truly reflective of who they are and what they love while still maintaining authenticity.

Recent Graduate Exhibition Discussion
Sunday, April 3 | 2:00-3:00pm
The Recent Graduates Exhibition presented a wonderful opportunity for collectors to discover new, exciting talent. Danielle Durchslag and Delano Dunn, the curator and artist behind this year’s exhibition, In Our Time, joined us for a lively discussion about the inspiration and materials behind Dunn’s beautiful, layered works showing in the front lobby of the venue.


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