Talks & tours

At the Affordable Art Fair, the best way to engage and learn is to join one of our free and informal talks. With a full schedule of events, you can educate yourself on everything from beginning and maintaining a collection to learning exclusive insider information on the contemporary art market at no extra cost.

Fall 2015 Programming

Panel Discussion: The History of Appropriation in the Art World
Thursday, September 10 | 5:00pm
Join Kristina Nazarevskaia, co-founder of galleryIntell, as she leads a panel of art industry experts through the discussion of the history of art appropriation and the debate currently surrounding this topic. There are many artists over the last 100 years who relied heavily on art appropriation as their principal visual tools. Now, there is a mass availability of new tools (Instagram, FB, Pinterest, etc) that have changed the game. Has this also changed the definition of what is appropriated art?

Panel Participants:
Kristina Nazarevskaia, galleryIntell (co-founder)
Cait Munro, artnet (writer and reporter)
Lizzie Gill, artist (mixed media specialist)
Michael McCullough, Pearlstein & McCullough LLP (founding partner)

Panel Discussion: The Importance of Art Education
Presented by 
Friday, September 11 | 6:30pm
Is your favorite educator still your 1st grade art teacher or did you miss out on the opportunity to fine-tune your creative spirit as a child? Over the last decade, policy makers and school administrators have readily wielded the axe on the arts budget to make room for more tutoring and testing. The arts are seen largely as a fringe subject in school with no real significance for youth. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Adarsh Alphons, founder of ProjectArt, is determined to alter the education system and fill children’s scholastic program with art classes, workshops and creative-focused projects.  Join Adarsh & a selection of cutting-edge art world insiders who comprise ProjectArt’s Junior Board to explore the role and value of universal access to arts education for children & youth in today’s world.

Panel Participants:
Alexa Mendez, Christie’s (commercial art expertise)
Daniela Groza, Be Kind for Real (contemporary artist perspective)
Marcos Salazar, Be Social Change (social image & entrepreneurship)
Alexander Rea, Framestore (tech & media expertise)
Adarsh Alphons, ProjectArt (moderator)

How to Design a Space with your Art in Mind
Presented by Framebridge & Homepolish
Saturday, September 12 | 4:30pm
Looking for a signature piece or are you searching for the perfect addition to a gallery wall? Affordable Art Fair’s Official Framing Provider, Framebridge, and top interior design start-up, Homepolish, team up to provide expert advice, industry secrets and memorable tips to maximize your space resourcing a flattering frame, ideal spacing, complimentary design and a beautiful, original work of art.

Meet Internationally Acclaimed Artist Shantell Martin
Sunday, September 13 | 2:30pm
Stop by The Shantell Martin Experience to learn about the creative process of internationally acclaimed visual artist Shantell Martin. Ask her anything and everything about her signature style, inspiration behind her space transformation, and dreamlike meditation of lines and characters.

Want to Eat Some Art? Join Us to Sample!
Sunday, September 13 | 3:30pm

Lifestyle expert and founder of Eat Make Celebrate, Yasmina Jacobs, takes our fall fair to a new level with desserts inspired by art. Join Yasmina to turn art into an edible experience.