Talk the talk

Viewing art can be a wonderful experience, but there really is no substitute for owning a piece that intrigues, moves, or delights you. Although appreciating and collecting art should be about personal taste, sometimes a little bit of considered advice from an expert can go a long way. Throughout the Affordable Art Fair we have a programme of free and informal talks and tours which are a great place to start.

Thursday 11 June

3pm Photography Focus
Barry Cawston, artist and co-founder of Drugstore Gallery (stand G4), leads a tour for budding photographers and enthusiasts. The tour will begin with an introduction to Barry’s work, lending insight into the processes of a professional photographer. Find out what to consider when purchasing photographic work, from understanding the techniques involved, pricing, editioning and display. Barry will also highlight some of his other favourite artworks from the fair.

Friday 12 June

3pm Add a Splash of Colour: How to Decorate with Art
Often focusing on their clients’ existing or growing art collections April Russell interior designers, accompany them on an inspirational journey focusing on the layout of each room and the flow of space and architecture throughout. Join April Russell and Jo Baring as they lead a tour of the fair highlighting what to consider when buying artwork for the home.

Saturday 13 June

3pm Emerging Artists and the Art Market
Made in Arts London introduce their exhibition of work by University of the Arts London students and recent graduates. Hear directly from some of the artists involved, and discover why it’s important, exciting, and vital to the art market to support emerging artists.

Affordable Art Fair tour 2014

Sunday 14 June

3pm Through the Art Critic’s Eye
Broadcaster and writer Estelle Lovatt FRSA, leads an accessible and informative tour of some of the stand-out pieces at the fair through the lens of art history. Estelle’s knowledge extends to both sides of the canvas having trained as a painter, academic and gallery curator, she is now an esteemed art critic for TV, radio, national magazines and newspapers. Estelle is also a lecturer at the Hampstead School of Art.