Project Space Collective 2015

Neon Studio by Kerry Ryan, Mayor's Parlour GalleryFollowing 2014’s successful first edition, this spring saw the much-anticipated return of the Project Space Collective – an innovative platform dedicated to artists and curators who are breaking new ground in contemporary art.

We were delighted to welcome an eclectic mix of concept-led galleries and arts organisations to the 2015 edition, carefully selected for their innovative representation of current artistic concepts. By presenting more in-depth, thematic exhibitions the Project Space Collective gave visitors the opportunity to engage more meaningfully with new and complex artistic ideas.  Emerging artists and established names alike used the opportunity to challenge, reassess, and push forward their personal practice, creating a dynamic and experimental exhibition space.

Exhibiting Galleries

BEARSPACE presented Wanderlust
Wanderlust [early 20th c. German: a strong desire to travel] took us on a journey through vast, imagined landscapes. Cominbining intricate technical skill and conceptual inventiveness, BEARSPACE’s artists focused on travel as an infinite source of inspiration.

Ben Oakley Gallery presented Wall to Wall
Wall to Wall
challenged the conventions of the gallery space, by conceptually and physically reimagining it in a new location and context.

Caustic Coastal presented Total_Refreshment
played on the landscape of shop design, challenging the role of the artwork as prop, object, or stock.

Contemporary Collective presented Geometry
Geometry explored the traditional conventions of mark-making by showcasing a range of dynamic works, that explored the point at which lines intersect and reconsidered form as something more indefinite and open.

Mayors Parlour Gallery presented Visual Impact
Visual Impact presented a series of works in neon – bright, vibrant, and seductive, it explored the aesthetic and artistic potential of the medium.

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